OpalApps Finite State Machine Library

I have just released my next product – a lightweight and powerful Finite State Machine library (OpalApps FSM).

This platform-independent library is suitable for systems with limited computation power and targets micro controller-based applications.

The implementation has been done with simplicity and portability in mind. The library is implemented in plain C and therefore is suitable for any development environment that offers ANSI  C compiler. The library has no dependencies on other software components or libraries.

Along with source code the library package contains an example application (implementing a simplified coffee machine control) as well as unit tests of OpalApps FSM library.

The code has been substantially documented in Doxygen-compatible comment format. Doxygen configuration file is also included in the package.

Also in the package along with GNU Makefile, there is a Microsoft Visual Studio solution and project files for the library itself (to build a static library), demo application and unit testing projects.

You can find the library in my online shop.

OpalApps FSM Library