OpalApps is a software development service provider offering a complete cycle of high quality software design, development and maintenance services.

Our main focus at the time is embedded systems where we have gained considerable hands-on experience over the years. Here is a selection of areas where we could be helpfull to you.

Device Update

  • We provide opimized and well tested low level device drivers and supporting application layer software development, so that your application development team could concentrate on the task at hand.
  • Bootloader being an intergral piece of software of  any system requires verification and extensive tunning. We have you covered on that. Our project-tailored bootloader configuration services and supporting infrastructure allows for reliable boot and update to be implemented.
  • To make you firmware update experience as smooth as possible, we development of update-relevant tooling and infrastructure. In-system, desktop-based, or distributed update cover all possible scenarios and keep your deveice up to date

Firmware extension and maintenance

  • Plugin/extension mechanism design and development
  • Device API design and implementation to allow the growth of the infrastructure and community around your product
  • Device API usage examples facilitates quick immersion into all functionality yoo device has to offer.

Product health monitoring and maintenance

  • Device support end-user desktop software (Cross-platform and Web-based)
  • Device calibration procedure design
  • Calibration software development
  • Logs and fault history collection infrastructure design and implementation
  • Real-time device monitoring and notification infrastructure
  • Device remote access
  • Failure alarm and notification infrastructure design
  • Preventive fault condition detection
  • Real-time remote device monitoring

New hardware and prototypes

  • Peripheral drivers and BSP design and development for new and already commissioned hardware
  • Software-related device functionality verification. We provide software that extensively stress tests your newly desiged device and brings you confidence that the harware covers the needs for your project


  • License verification/device registration infrastructure, software and firmware development: License server, purchase-activation-licensing monitor
  • License validity period overview (collected from Device Update Server)
  • Firmware cloning protection

Design / Development Process Support

  • End-of-line testing firmware for mass-production purposes
  • Firmware regression testing  and continuous integration infrastructure
  • Existing projects re-factoring, extension and long-time support
  • Device firmware post-production support
  • Hardware in the loop testing design and setup
  • Version control system/Build server-based testing
  • Firmware bench marking. Firmware performance analysis and optimization
  • Sensor activity simulation (empirical and from collected logs/traces)
  • Device behavior modeling (based on collected logs/traces)


  • Industrial interface and protocol stacks integration and verification
  • Connectivity stress-testing and bench marking

Non-development services

  • Reviewing requirements and aligning them with hardware vendors. Preparation for certification or commissioning.
  • Contribution to specifications based on prototype or model-based testing