OpalApps Finite State Machine Library


OpalApps Finite State Machine Library is a lightweight yet powerful instrument that allows you to structure your complex application or algorithm in a clear and manageable  way, to reduce a complexity of a problem solution and increase maintainability of the implemented application.

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OpalApps FSM Library is a Finite State Machine library, lightweight and powerful, written in plain C. With no external dependencies. Best suitable for resource-critical micro controller applications.

Main features of the Library include:

  • Clear and convenient license aiming at commercial use of the library. No royalty fees. Annual per-seat license that includes one year of professional support.
  • Carefully selected and clear set of API functions that conveniently allow to describe a system in terms of Finite State Machine
  • Suitable for any platform that provides an ANSI C compiler
  • Single header file – is all it is to be included into an application code to get started
  • Unit-tested code covering all aspects of the library
  • Well-documented types and functions with Doxygen-like comments
  • Project files for Microsoft Visual Studio and GNU Make
  • Tested on x86 (Windows & Cygwin) and ARM (Raspbian) platforms

What’s in the package:

  • Library source files
  • Example application that demonstrates the use of the library in real-life application
  • Project files for Microsoft Visual Studio and GNU Make
  • Doxygen configuration file to generate documentation of the library
  • One year of support, updates and bug fixes


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