OpalApps CRC Library


OpalApps CRC Library is a lightweight, cross-platform, well tested check sum library that implements CRC8/16/32 algorithm. The library includes a substantial set of standard CRC profiles to simplify the check sum algorithm setup. It is written in plain ANSI C, with no external dependencies.

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OpalApps CRC library is a lightweight CRC 8, 16 and 32 bit library. It has no dependencies on other libraries, which makes it extremely easy to integrate into a project on virtually any platform. Single header file – is all you need to include into your project to get started. The only requirement is – ANSI C compiler.

Along with the library there is a set of standard (well known) CRC profiles as well as test application that runs each routine of the library through these profiles demonstrating how easy it is to set up and use the library.

The distribution form is a source code package. The library has been tested and has proven to work correctly when built on Windows, Cygwin and Linux.

Extra tests have been made to make sure the library works correctly on non-x86 architectures. RaspberyPi has been used to test the library. The test application as well as the library in this case have been built on Raspbian.

The library license aims at commercial use with no royalty fees. The price includes one developer seat per one year of library use in any number of projects. The license also includes one year of support in all questions concerning the library integration into a project as well as bug fixes and library updates.

What’s in the package:

  • Library source files
  • Test application that serves as a unit testing host as well as a demonstration
  • Project files for Microsoft Visual Studio and GNU Make
  • Doxygen configuration file to generate the documentation for the library
  • One year of free updates and bug fixes



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