Case Studies Embedded

  • Agricultural Automation Platform
    For a research facility in Potsdam workng on autonomous self driving wehicle (agricultural automation platform) implemented a sensor data acquisition functionality (J1939, Raw CAN, Ultrasonic distance sensor, radar, operator positioning unit). Integrated algorithms for sensor fusion (operator detection and steering direction functionality).
    HYDAC MATCH tooling (MST, PDT), C/C++, J1939, CAN, ROS.

  • Wireless Camera
    Specialized wirells photo/video camera. Integrated and improved communication protocol with a sensor unit on the camera. Implemented HawkBit-based update functionality. Integratet HTTP/HTTPS (mongoose HTTP Client/Server) client for uploading taken images to REST-based server. Streamlined overall application architecture based on provided proof-of-concept software.
    HiSiliconSDK, LiteOS, C/C++, Python, Make, Git

  • Motor controller communication interface
    For a motor controller manufacturer company developed a SPI-based communication protocol and API to be used with NVIDIA Jetson Nano and a connected extension hardware of the motor controller.
    SPI, C/C++, Python, Make, Git
  • Proof of concept for a submersible telemetry buoy
    For a customer in the USA a hardware/software-based prototype was developed to simulate functionality and behaviour of an off-the-shore submersible telemetry data acquisition system. The system included remote telemetry and status connectivity module based on Particle Electron prototyping board and software infrastructure. Hardware component constituted of relay board and simulated loads representing water pump and respective valve solenoids.
    C/C++, Arduino, Particle Electon, SPI, I2C
  • Bar code recognition library experiment-based evaluation
    For a customer from Great Britany we have evaluated a number of available open source bar code recognition solutions and provided an experiment-backed suggestion that covered all the required use cases. All experiments have been conducted based on image dataset provided by the client. In order to automate and unify the evaluation process a set of Python scripts have been developed. This allowed not ony to automate the evauation but also contributed to test Reproducibility.
    C/C++, Python, Make, Linux
  • ECU Hardware Upgrade support
    For a customer in München implemented a software development framework and respective API to accomodate a hardware upgrade of an existing ECU-platform based on specialised Embedded RTOS.
    C/C++, CAN/CANOpen, TriCore, UDE Debugger, Doxygen, SVN
  • Robotic/Co-botic System (safety protocol integration)
    For a customer in München designed an architecture for an application-layer software and integrated an FSoE (Functional Safety over Ethercat) protocol library into a EtherCAT-based system (a robotic arm meant to colaborate in direct human environment).
    C/C++, Linux, CPPUnit,  FSoE Stack Library (two different suppliers)

  • BMS-Based system: support and bugfixing
    For a customer near Frankfurt am Main corrected a current sensing algorithm issue in a battery-based product for their BMS unit. Updated and restructured an update mechanism of athe unit and corrected the firmware update tooling. Developed semi-automatic test result analyser to simplify evaluation of introduced changes.
    C, AVR-mased MCU, AtmelStudio, 1-Wire serial interface, Python

  • IoT communication abstraction layer library
    For a customer in Berlin designed and developed an abstraction layer that hides implementation details of a communication driver/library to be used over multiple IoT devices making communication over WiFi and GPRS transparent to the library consumer.
    C/C++, MQTT, u-blox-based devices and their respective SDKs.