Case Studies

  • Agricultural Automation Platform
    For a research facility in Potsdam workng on autonomous self driving wehicle (agricultural automation platform) implemented a sensor data acquisition functionality (J1939, Raw CAN, Ultrasonic distance sensor, radar, operator positioning unit). Integrated algorithms for sensor fusion (operator detection and steering direction functionality).
    HYDAC MATCH tooling (MST, PDT), C/C++, J1939, CAN, ROS.

  • Wireless Camera
    Specialized wirells photo/video camera. Integrated and improved communication protocol with a sensor unit on the camera. Implemented HawkBit-based update functionality. Integratet HTTP/HTTPS (mongoose HTTP Client/Server) client for uploading taken images to REST-based server. Streamlined overall application architecture based on provided proof-of-concept software.
    HiSiliconSDK, LiteOS, C/C++, Python, Make, Git

  • Motor controller communication interface
    For a motor controller manufacturer company developed a SPI-based communication protocol and API to be used with NVIDIA Jetson Nano and a connected extension hardware of the motor controller.
    SPI, C/C++, Python, Make, Git

  • ECU Hardware Upgrade support
    For a customer in München implemented a software development framework and respective API to accomodate a hardware upgrade of an existing ECU-platform based on specialised Embedded RTOS.
    C/C++, CAN/CANOpen, TriCore, UDE Debugger, Doxygen, SVN
  • Robotic/Co-botic System (safety protocol integration)
    For a customer in München designed an architecture for an application-layer software and integrated an FSoE (Functional Safety over Ethercat) protocol library into a EtherCAT-based system (a robotic arm meant to colaborate in direct human environment).
    C/C++, Linux, CPPUnit,  FSoE Stack Library (two different suppliers)

  • BMS-Based system: support and bugfixing
    For a customer near Frankfurt am Main corrected a current sensing algorithm issue in a battery-based product for their BMS unit. Updated and restructured an update mechanism of athe unit and corrected the firmware update tooling. Developed semi-automatic test result analyser to simplify evaluation of introduced changes.
    C, AVR-mased MCU, AtmelStudio, 1-Wire serial interface, Python

  • IoT communication abstraction layer library
    For a customer in Berlin designed and developed an abstraction layer that hides implementation details of a communication driver/library to be used over multiple IoT devices making communication over WiFi and GPRS transparent to the library consumer.
    C/C++, MQTT, u-blox-based devices and their respective SDKs.