Hello and welcome to OpalApps!

My name is Oleh Paliy and am an independent software developer based in Germany.

I started professionally developing software in 2003 and since then worked on many platforms with different technologies on different levels. From drivers to application software. From UNIX services to Python scripts and Windows desktop applications. From x86-based desktop machines to all kind of micro controller-based industrial equipment including ARM, AVR, PPC, and MSP-based devices.

Over the years my focus shifted from in-depth understanding and detailed implementation of exotic algorithms to code quality and development process automation.

I enjoy working in agile-based environment as a part of dynamic team on challenging projects.

With all the experience accumulated over the years I started a consulting business OpalApps, hoping to apply what I have learned in greater scale.

If you need help in software design, testing or development or just a technical advice on your idea – fill free to contact me.