OpalApps Finite State Machine Library

We have just released our next product. It is a lightweight and powerful Finite State Machine library.

This platform independent library is suitable for systems with limited computation power and targets micro controller-based applications.

The implementation has been done with simplicity and portability in mind. The library is implemented in plain C and therefore is suitable for any development environment that offers ANSIĀ  C compiler. The library has no dependencies on other software components or libraries.

Along with source code the library package contains a demo application (implementing a simplified coffee machine control) and unit tests.

The code has been substantially documented with Doxygen-compatible comments. Doxygen configuration file is also included the package.

Also in the package along with GNU Makefile, there is a Microsoft Visual Studio solution with project files for the library itself (to build a static library), demo application and unit testing projects.

You can find the library in our online shop.

OpalApps FSM Library

OpalApps CRC Library

We have just released our first product – a lightweight, easy-to-use, portable CRC8/16/32 library.

The library has been tested on several target platforms but main intention is to use it on embedded systems with limited computation resources.

The library has no dependencies on other software components, which makes it easy to use on virtually any platform.

Along with library source code the package contains a test application that verifies CRC8/16/32 calculation algorithm against a substantial set of standard CRC profiles commonly used in many industries.

OpalApps CRC8/16/32 Library