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"Sparse Checker": The utility for sparse files creation and management

This tiny application can free you some additional disk space normally occupied by continuous ranges of zero-bytes inside your files. With "SparseChecker" you can quickly and easily analyze the file and decide if it makes sense to optimize the occupied disk space marking the file as a sparse. The mechanics behind this process is the rarely used but yet available on all NTFS volumes "Sparse Files" technology introduced by Microsoft®. There are certain types of desktop applications that produce this kind of files. These are: virtual machine creation/management software, download clients, databases, scientific software that produces lots of data using the disk file pre-allocation technique, and many more ...

Check the "SparseChecker description and usage" page to know more about how the "SparseChecker" works.

Download the installation of the "SparseChecker" if you already know what are you looking for:
Version: 0.3
Release date: 28 Apr 2011
Supported platforms: Windows XP/Vista/7
License: Freeware
User interface: GUI, Console
[Download (~633KB)]
MD5 Check sum: 3325F5A6C70E7D42AFA01BE7EF0DBB2A
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